Claymation "Mourning Rituals" LP


Musician "Claymation" aka Baird Buchanan is a Troy, NY based guitarist/ composer who uses baritone guitars, loops, layering, feedback, drones and pedal manipulation in real time to create ambient soundscapes ranging from the beautifully stark and simple to the dense and obscure. 

Claymation released his debut "The Dolphin Key" (TDK) November 4, 2011 on Magnetic Eye [MER007] to critical acclaim; TDK received favorable reviews by Dead Formats, Droning Earth, The Upstate Soundscape, Document10, inclusion in Explorers of the Darkest Depths:Volume 7, Droning Earth: Volume 53, and the Upstate Soundscapes celebration of World Listening Day's "Soundmarks" series.

In addition to positive reviews, the release of "The Dolphin Key" lead to a short film by Brendan Hoyt titled "Sound" documenting Baird's approach to guitar playing; TDK  also received airplay on WBNY 91.3fm's "the Upstate Soundscape" and use in a Red Gorilla film production currently being shot in London with a late 2013 release date.

Baird Buchanan released the follow up to Claymation's "The Dolphin Key", titled "Mourning Rituals" with Magnetic Eye's sister label, Nanobox Records. Claymation "Mourning Rituals" (digital version) was released on December 18, 2012 and is Nanobox Records third release.

Claymation's sophomore release "Mourning Rituals" is now available on vinyl; 100 copies in Standard Black and 150 copies in Electric Blue in Green Coke Bottle Clear.