MER009 Summoner "Phoenix"

Magnetic Eye Records

Summoner " Phoenix" 
Released by: Magnetic Eye Records 
Release/catalogue number: MER009
01. The Interloper
02. Winged Hessians
03. Conjuring
04. Let The Light In
05. Phoenix
06. Across Iron Fields
07. Reclaimer
08. Dead Moon
Summoner -
AJ Peters - Guitar
Joe Richner - Guitar
Scott Smith - Drums
Chris Johnson - Bass & Vocals

SUMMONER, formerly Riff Cannon, are a 4 piece stoner rock band from Boston, MA. Conceived in 2007 the band quickly started writing and making name for themselves in the Boston area by drawing on such influences as Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Leafhound, Captain Beyond, Atomic Rooster, Bloodrock, Hawkwind, Sleep, Torche, Dead Meadow, Pink Floyd, Electric Wizard, Witchcraft, Thin Lizzy, Om, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin, Earth, Deep Purple, Groundhogs, Cactus, YOB, Witch and Pentagram.

Their first release was a 4 song EP simply titled Riff Cannon. Shortly after the S/T release the band had enough material to record and release their first full length album. Recorded early in 2009 and released later that same year put SUMMONER (at the time Riff Cannon) on the map. They spent the next 2 years playing in various cities throughout the Northeast and focusing on putting together a second full length. In January of 2011 they began recording Phoenix.

Throughout 2011 the band had tossed around the idea of changing their name, but it never really was taken seriously, that is until Phoenix was ready for release. After much deliberation late in 2011, the decision to make the switch to SUMMONER was made final. Since, the band has decided to release Phoenix digitally themselves with a vinyl release coming out in a few weeks on MAGNETIC EYE RECORDS.


2nd pressing Summoner "Phoenix" 160g Ultra Clear w/ Red Splatter &/or Oxblood in Mustard Color in Color. Limited pressing of 300 copies, 150 Ultra Clear & 150 Oxblood in Mustard.